Routii uses Linkedin for verification method on login and other stuff.


One of the biggest park-apps providing exact information for more than 300.000 parking spots around Denmark. ParkPark has the most innovative parking-app where you save money everytime you park and get bonus in their loyaltyclub.

Google Maps

The whole core in Routii, is based on Google Maps and then we added a lot of new icons from 3rd party.

Dansk Erhverv

Danish organization and linking business and technology together. Routii has been member of the branch organization since 2019.

One of Denmarks biggest online ticketplatforms for street markets, concerts, music experiences, outlet etc.

Lo-Fi Concerts

Home concert platform connecting musicians and music lovers in their private homes.


Onlineportal providing more than 300.000 experiences via API. Kultunaut is Denmarks biggest platform within art, culture, music and experiences.