Data Deletion


How to delete your data

As a user of our app, you are able to delete your data at any time.


Open App
Log in using the profile you would like to delete.  


The option to delete your data can be found in the settings tab in the menu



Deactivate or Delete
In settings you will be able to decide if you want to deactivate or delete your account.

If you deactivate, or data such as saved trips and favourites will be stored. Users will not be able to contact you, and your account will not be shown or regarded as active. You will be able to activate your account with this information in tact.

Should you choose to delete, your data will then be deleted on our end.
You will then have to recreate a new account should you want to use our product again.


As a last step before your deletion is valid, you must click to confirm your intention on deleting your account.

There is no  way to undo this once you click.

Account now deleted.
Once you have gone through these steps, your account is now deleted.