High quality exquisite cheese!

Denmark’s most delicious cheese board – according to us!

You never forget the first time you meet the love of your life. It was a random Wednesday in front of Amagerbro shopping center. There was a cheese cart with “Dutch Cheese and Juice” in large letters that kept out in front of the subway. My 6-year-old being in the delicate balance of the afternoon munchies, runs there to ask for a taste and I roll my eyes immediately – he does not like strong cheeses, so I think to myself, here comes the embarrassing round of “that’s not a nice thing to say honey, I think you mean … ”

But at first taste, the little guy is blown away. “It’s the best cheese I’ve ever tasted mom! You HAVE to taste it! ” And before we knew it, the embarrassing situation was that we had, first of all, tasted all the cheeses, several times. And secondly, we could not decide which were the best, and ended up bringing something close to 1 of each home with us.

The friendly man who sold us the fine cheeses boasted of their longevity, but they could not even survive an entire weekend despite our lactose allergies – we managed to devour every last flavour in various setups. It was such a positive experience that when we drove past the beach one spring day and saw the cheese cart standing at the crossroads, all i heard was a battle cry from our son “STOP THE CAR” IT’S OUR CHEESE MUM! ”
And of course we had to stop the car and I ran over and bought 1 of each one more time.

Everyone we share this cheese experience with, gets eyes wide eyed, and we know without a doubt that they will never forget their first encounter with Dutch Cheese and juice.

If you see their cheese cart, or have the opportunity to visit their fine shop at Vesterbrogade 45
Then RUN there and see if you feel something that can almost only be described as infatuation.

Pernille Schulze
Enjoys moments shared with family and memories made with close friends.

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