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We would like to offer our users in Routii the best possible route planning. With Routii you get more surprises than expected and it shall be easy, fast and a great experiences everytime.

Join our user panel and you can have a say in how we develop our new features.

This is how it works!

1. You signup (it´s 100% free)
2. You will be invited for usertests
3. You explore new features before others
4. You give us feedback in the app
5.  You should spend 10 min on each test


Hi! I’m Pernille
As Head of Marketing and the Community im also involved in the usertests and surveys in close collaboration with our tech-team.



Become a BETA-tester

The final version of Routii will be finish soon, but right now we are running as BETA.

You are more than welcome to see our current version if you join our testflight program.