Plan. Experience. Connect.

Routii helps people discover the world around them in an entirely new way by streamlining planning, experiences, deals and social connectivity.

600.000 experiences waiting for you next time you go from A to B

Routii shows users what happens along their route and gives them the option to add waypoints, experiences and collectable deals like free coffee, discount on fuel or other gems.

Connect with your facebook account and bump into your friends along the route. 

The Ambassador

Blachman has also taken on the mantle of ambassador for Routii, an innovative intelligent route planner. Blachman’s endorsement, Routii continues to revolutionize the way people navigate their social lives, ensuring that connections are made effortlessly along the way.

Thomas Blachman, a household name in the Danish music scene, has graced the judging panel of the renowned television show X-Factor for an impressive 15 years.