Routii uses Linkedin for verification method on login and other stuff.


One of the biggest park-apps providing exact information for more than 300.000 parking spots around Denmark. ParkPark has the most innovative parking-app where you save money everytime you park and get bonus in their loyaltyclub.


Tikweb has since 2021 been the official tech-team for Routii.

Danish start-up showing where the best nature-routes are located for children families. In the Routii app you find these fantastic experiences based on children families.

We use to ping our servers all the time, so if any downtime our tech-team will handle the maintanence. You can find the link for


Routii is using facebook a lot! For login, for bumps and other stuff.


Biggest car-club in Denmark with 280.000 members. FDM has their own FDM Connect so all members can easyly login to Routii. FDM has more than 200 individual on-the-road partners and we serve them all to you in the Routii App.

Routii partnered up with and we produce marketing campagins together to the car owners in Denmark.


Routii shows relevant information about different stuff, and all data are coming directly into the app.

We use Morningscore – an all-in-one SEO tool that makes it simpler and a bit more fun to do search engine optimization.

Our userpanel in Routii is based on software we got from Preely. A fantastic tool to make UX-test and get instant feedback.

Visit Denmark

Denmarks biggest tourist information provider. Routii fetches data directly and serve more than 150.000 experiences direcly in the app.


Routii has a strong partnership with Mofibo in several countries. Mofibo provides entertainment for the backseat for your next trip.

Google Maps

The whole core in Routii, is based on Google Maps and then we added a lot of new icons from 3rd party.

Dansk Erhverv

Danish organization and linking business and technology together. Routii has been member of the branch organization since 2019.

One of Denmarks biggest online ticketplatforms for street markets, concerts, music experiences, outlet etc.

Lo-Fi Concerts

Home concert platform connecting musicians and music lovers in their private homes.


Onlineportal providing more than 300.000 experiences via API. Kultunaut is Denmarks biggest platform within art, culture, music and experiences.