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Routii is a navigational app that helps you find new experiences on your way from A to B. There are so many exciting things to try, taste, and see. Share your best experiences, and help others find something unique.


+100.000 experiences waiting for you next time you go from A to B

Routii is an brand new native app available on IOS & Android stores that helps people find interesting places they can go or things they can do using their smartphone.

We show you what´s happening when going from A-B, including deals, bump requests from your friends and treasures on the Go.

Connect with your facebook account and bump into your friends along the route. 

Thomas Blachman

Our goal is to help our users make memories, go out of their comfort zone and share their findings.

Co-owner Thomas Blachman is passionate about renewing everyday life. Here’s what he thinks is so genius about Routii.

Thomas Blachman is a well known danish jazz musician and composer and he joined Routii as partner and ambassador in 2019.

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